Launching of Educators Award 2015

Posted by Mr. H. N. Hingu | 22/09/2015

Launching of Educators Award 2015 – Rajkot

On 5th September, the teachers’ day am happy to hear the dynamism of the educators award and the location.

– Mr. H. N. Hingu – ex chairman GSHSEB.

Installation of GPS in Schools helped my child monitor - Parent

Posted by Nirav Shah | 25/08/2015

Installation of GPS in Schools helped my child monitor - Parent

To monitor our transport system, the drivers and our beloved students we have installed the GPS in our all the buses. This has made our task force more

disciplined. We got tremendous positive response from the parents who monitored their ward on mobile phone with the help of GPS app. The timely notifications received by parents encourage them to have faith on our transport system.

- Nirav Shah – Chief Operating Officer – Tripada Group.

“The prompt notification from the GPS helps keeping the track of my child in transit” – Hiten Shah – parent of 3rd standard students

Cancer Aid Society

Posted by Mr. Rakesh Patel | 22/07/2015

It was an uphill task to collect Rs. One lac forty one thousand for the cancer patient; am thankful to the parents who donated to the cause . – Mr. Rakesh Patel. Campus Head – Tripada Day School.

We are thankful to Tripada Parivar for such a massive help – Ahmedabad representative Cancer Aid Society

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