Paradigm Shift

Posted by TIS Director | 25/09/2015

Paradigm Shift – International School Education

Welcome Home students from other parts of the world enrolled with CIE section, a hope of ray for paradigm shift. There is a constant rise of non-resident gujaratis coming home with their children to provide Indian education has a given a rise in our schools.

Launching of Educators Award 2015

Posted by Mr. H. N. Hingu | 22/09/2015

Launching of Educators Award 2015 – Rajkot

On 5th September, the teachers’ day am happy to hear the dynamism of the educators award and the location.

– Mr. H. N. Hingu – ex chairman GSHSEB.

Achieved Excellence in A Levels in CIE section

Posted by parent of Smit Patel | 13/08/2015

Achieved Excellence in A’ Levels in CIE section

Congratulations students for gaining excellence with A * in CIE annual exams in year 2014-15 . Thank you Annie Ma’am we appreciate the efforts of the team – Mrs. and Mr. Piyush Patel

– parent of Smit Patel.

Achieved 100 percent results in School Board Exams

Posted by Ms. Vijaya Panicker | 10/06/2015

Achieved 100 percent results in School Board Exams

I have been working with Tripada since 20 years, and have been instrumental to the result which is an achievement in itself. Parents have always been supportive.

– Ms. Vijaya Panicker - Teacher