"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything,"
~ George Bernard Shaw

Alexander the Great has quoted, "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep but am afraid of a lion leading those sheep", it has been made true for Tripada Parivar with a legacy of five decades constant growth and progress. It is always said ability is nothing without opportunity. The young and dynamic team of Tripada has made it a habit in all diverse situations. As experience is the best teacher so is the fact of our constant growth.

A foundation stone was laid in 1968 by a young man, who was merely able to understand entrepreneurship, he planted a seed in next generation and that gave rise to a edupreneurial organization called Tripada Multicourse Pvt. Ltd.

He was fortunate to have a team of selected few who supported him in his finance and helped the organization establish its roots outside the land of origin. We the Tripada Parivar are committed towards the betterment of tomorrow's nation helping bridge through the competencies.

The team members and leaders leading the team are:

Mr. Archit  Bhatt - Managing Director - Tripada Parivar

Orator, Creator of Leaders, Visionary

Mrs. Jyoti Bhatt- Director- Finance & Future Projects - Tripada Parivar

proactive, financial analyst, go getter, value oriented, Paternalistic leader 

Mrs, Pratiksha Parikh - Director- Academics & Daily Operations - Tripada Parivar

taskmaster,  peoples person, value driven and punctual, charismatic personality

Mr. Hiren Joshi - Campus Director - Tripada Parivar

Soft but hard hitter, peoples person, regulated by principles, Democratic 

Mr. Himanshu Karia - Director - Overseas Projects - Tripada Parivar

Focused, FIRST IS FIRST, Man of Promises

Mr. Ong Liang Shu (Bernard) - Resident Director- Singapore - Tripada Parivar

Religious, Principled, Enlightened and well oriented.

Mr. Bhargav Dakwala - Director IT - Tripada Parivar

Young, proactive, talented, whizkid, an IT Man

Mr. Hitesh Parikh- CEO- Tripada Parivar

Firm, Analyst and  Hard worker