Tripada Learning Solutions is associated with Government of Gujarat to build English Language Proficiency for the youth to increase the employment opportunities, we are partnered with them to cover the target of 5 lac youth to be trained in business English. The assessment partner for this program is Cambridge ESOL. Cambridge ESOL exams are the world's leading range of certificates for learners of English. They can help you gain entrance to global universities or colleges, improve your job prospects and measure your competency in English language. Level I to VI of the SCOPE's program will map to the levels A1 to C2 of the common European Framework. Each level covers the following learning areas: listening, reading, speaking and grammar. Within each learning area, there are a range of online tools designed to provide students with the pedagogical support needed to effectively and independently work in that learning area; for example, the audio version of written texts, the translation option, the dictionary, and the visual aids.